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Forms for Nomination of Examiners - Academic Year 2015/16

Prof. Kasili EG

PDF version
  1. Haematological abnormalities in visceral leishmaniasis PDF
  2. A case of chronic granulocytic leukaemia with a right sided  splenomegaly PDF
  3. Acquired factor IX inhibitor in  a patient with christmas disease PDF
  4. Acute leukaemia in pregnancy PDF
  5. Acute lympocitic leukaemia complicating the course of Hodgkin's disease PDF
  6. An update Haemophilia and Haemophiloid disorders in Anglophone PDF
  7. Anaemia in a patient population at a provincial Hospital in Western  Kenya PDF
  8. Blood Transfussion services in a developing country PDF
  9. Childhood aplastic anaemia in Kenya PDF
  10. Clinical aspects in sickle cell disease in Nairobi  children PDF
  11. Congenital red blood cell aplasia PDF
  12. Current trends in Chemotherapy of leukaemias lymphomas and multiple Myeloma. PDF
  13. Effect of Praziquantel on platelet levels in mice infected  with S. mansoni PDF
  14. Evolution of paediatric Oncology over the years PDF
  15. Experience in the management of Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy PDF
  16. External quality control in blood coagulation at the Kenyatta National Hospital PDF
  17. Gaucher's disease PDF
  18. Haemopoietic disturbances in disseminated tuberclosis PDF
  19. Hairy cell Leukaemia PDF
  20. Hematopathological  Observations in kenyan children with sickle cell anaemia PDF
  21. Hepatitis B Antigen PDF
  22. Hereditary bleeding disorders as seen KNH PDF
  23. Hereditary bleeding disorders in Kenya PDF
  24. Histopathology of human brain tumuors in the African in Kenya PDF
  25. Histiocytic Medullary Reticulosis PDF
  26. Hodgin's disease in kenyan children PDF
  27. Kaposi's  Sarcoma associated with Hairy cell leukaemia PDF
  28. kaposi's Sarcoma .old and new PDF
  29. Leucocyte counts on blood donors in Nairobi PDF
  30. Leukaemia and Lymphoma in Kenya PDF
  31. Leukaemia in Kenya PDF
  32. Lymphoreticular disease PDF
  33. Malignant Lymphoma PDF
  34. Malnutrition and infections as causes of childhood anaemia in tropical  Africa PDF
  35. Management of leukaemia PDF
  36. Nephroblastoma:an example of cancer curable by appropriate intervention even in developing countries PDF
  37. On the significance of red cell basophilic stipplinf PDF
  38. Pharmarcokinetics of cyclophosphamide in Kenyan African children with Lyphoma PDF
  39. Possible viral etiology of childhood acute lymphosarcoma -cell Leukaemia in Kenya PDF
  40. Retinal Haemorrhages in Kala-zar PDF
  41. Serum Lysozyme levels in the normal  and various pathological states in Kenyan Africans PDF
  42. Significance of cytochemical stains in the diagnosis of Leakaemia in the African population PDF
  43. Spontaneous occurrence of leptomonads in human bone marror aspirate PDF
  44. The Management of some childhood solid tumours in Kenya PDF
  45. The Management  of Wilm's tumours PDF
  46. The role of needle aspiration cytology in the differential diagnosis of accessible paediatric tumours PDF
  47. Treatment of childhood malgnancies in Kenya PDF
  48. Ultrastructure of bone marrow in patients with visceral leishmaniasis PDF
  49. Various Pathological manifestations of Leprosy. PDF


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