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Prof. Kyambi Julius M. Publications
12004Kyambi JM.Issues Involved In Pre-operative Consent.East Afr Med J. 2004 Jul;81(7):329-30.
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22001Kyambi JM.A Case For Day-care Surgery.East Afr Med J. 2001 Apr;78(4):169.
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32001Pediatric Surgery In Sub-Saharan Africa
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41998Kyambi JM.Intussusception.East Afr Med J. 1998 Jan;75(1):1.
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51993Kyambi JM.Surgery: A Historical Perspective.
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61993Barrack SM, Kyambi JM, Ndungu J, Wachira N, Anangwe G, Safwat S.Intestinal Atresia And Stenosis As Seen And Treated At Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.East Afr Med J. 1993 Sep;70(9):558-64.
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71990Kyambi J. Pediatric Surgery In Kenya.
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81987Kasili EG, Kyambi JM, Onyango JN, Kitonyi GW, Owade JN, Njenga GJ.Nephroblastoma: An Example Of Cancer Curable By Appropriate Intervention Even In Developing Countries.
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91985Kinoti SN, Anabwani G, Esamai FO, Kyambi JM.Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia At Kenyatta National Hospital. Case Studies And Appraisal Of Clinical Features And Management.East Afr Med J. 1985 Nov;62(11):823-9.
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101984Kasili EG, Kyambi JM, Onyango JN Treatment Of Childhood Malignancies In Kenya.
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111984Rees PH, Kager PA, Kyambi JM, Ayim EN, Bhatt KM, Schattenkerk JK.Splenectomy In Kala-azar. Trop Geogr Med. 1984 Sep;36(3):285-92
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121984Riyat MS, Kasili EG, Kyambi JM.Experience In The Management Of Sinus Histiocytosis With Massive Lymphadenopathy. East Afr Med J. 1984 Apr;61(4):288-94.
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131982Meme JS, Njai DM, Kyambi JM, Kung'u A.Antral Mucosal Diaphragm: An Obstructing Lesion Of The Stomach.East Afr Med J. 1982 Feb;59(2):161-4.
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141981Nightingale KW, Ayim EN, Kyambi JM, Amolo JG, Miller JR.The Three Cases Of Conjoined Twins Of Nairobi 1976-1979.East Afr Med J. 1981 Dec;58(12):960-6.
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151981Kyambi JM, Kasili EG, Onyango JN, Kitonyi GW.The Management Of Wilms' Tumour In Kenya.East Afr Med J. 1981 Jun;58(6):424-30.
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161980Otieno LS, Awori NW, Bagshawe A, Abdullah MS, Kyambi JM, Ndirangu JK.The First Renal Transplant In Kenya.East Afr Med J. 1980 Jun;57(6):369-73.
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171978Kellermann K, Bliesener JA, Kyambi JM. Positive Ventriculography Using Water-soluble Contrast Media In Infants With Myelomeningocele And Hydrocephalus.Neuropadiatrie. 1978 Feb;9(1):49-58.
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