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Mr. Lambert Ondoh Nyabola Publications
12013Field Efficacy And Acceptability Of PermaNet® 3.0 And OlysetNet® In Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of The Congo
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22011Who Is To Blame?
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32009Treatment Interruption Among Head And Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Radical Radiotherapy
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42008The Prevalence Of Anxiety And Depression Symptoms And Syndromes In Kenyan Children And Adolescents
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52007Othieno-Abinya NA, Waweru A, Nyabola LO.Chemotherapy Induced Myelosuppression.East Afr Med J. 2007 Jan;84(1):8-15.
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62005Othieno-Abinya NA, Abwao HO, Opiyo A, Njuguna E, Maina JM, Nyabola LO.Hodgkin's Lymphoma In The 1990s: A Kenyatta National Hospital Experience.East Afr Med J. 2005 Feb;82(2):59-65.
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72004Othieno-Abinya NA, Abwao HO, Maina JM, Nyabola LO, Opiyo A, Njuguna E, Ndege P, Musibi A.Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas At Kenyatta The National Hospital Nairobi In The 1990's.East Afr Med J. 2004 Sep;81(9):450-8.
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82003Are There Easy Predictors Of Survival Amongst Patients With Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas? Kenyatta National Hospital Experience.
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92002Management Of Patients With Breast Cancer At Kenyatta Hospital. EastAfrican Medical Journal,
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102002Abinya N.A.O., Nyabola L.O, Abwao, B.O, Ndege P. Postsurgical Management Of Patients With Breast Cancer At Kenyatta Hospital.EastAfrican Medical Journal, 2002, 79:156 - 162
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112002Othieno-Abinya NA, Nyabola LO, Kiarie GW, Ndege R, Maina JM.Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia At The Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.East Afr Med J. 2002 Nov;79(11):593-7.
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122001Abinya N.A.O., Nyabola L.O. Experience With Vincristine-associated Neurotoxicity.East African Medical Journal 2001; 78:376
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132001Abinya N.A.O., Nyabola L.O. Nadir Neutrophil Counts In Patients Treated For Breast Cancer With Doxorubicin And Cystophosphoride. East Afrina Medical Journal, 2001;78:370
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142000Wafula, E.M, Kinyanjui, M.M, Nyabola, L, Tenambergen, E.D. Effect Of Improved Stoves On Prevalence Of Acute Respiratory Infection And Conjunctivitis Among Children And Women In A Rural Community In Kenya. East African Medical Journal, 2000, 77: 37 - 41.
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151997Mwanthi, M.A, Nyabola, L, Tenambergen, E. Solid Waste Management In Nairobi City: Knowledge And Attitudes. J. Env. Health, 1997,23-29.
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161997Mwanthi, M.A, Nyabola, L, Tenambergen, E. The Present And Future Status Of Municipal Solid Waste Management In Nairobi. International J. Of Environmental Health Research, 7, 345 - 353 (1997).
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171996Ongore, D; Nyabola, L. Role Of Shops And Shopkeepers In Malaria Control.East African Medical Journal, 1996, 73: 390-394.
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181995Nyabola, L.O. Interpretation Of Diagnostic Data In Clinical Medicine. The New African Journal Of Medicine, 1995, 1:21-22.
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191991Abinya N.A.O., Nyabola L.O. The Prognosis Of Adult Acute Leukaemia At Kenyatta National Hospital In The 1980s. Discovery And Innovation, 1991, 3:95-100
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201989Abinya, N.A.O, Nyabola, L.O. Some Clinico- Pathologic Data In Malignant Lymphomas Seen At Kenyatta National Hospital Over A Thirteen Year Period (1973-1986). East African Medical Journal, 1989, 66: 757 - 763.
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211979Bennett, F.J., Etc. Community Diagnosis And Health Action. MacMillan Publishers, London, 1979.
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