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Dr. Muge Edward Kirwa Publications
19998STR Analysis Of Human DNA From Maggots Fed On Decomposing Bodies: Assessment Of The Time Period For Successful Analysis.
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22016Isolation And Characterization Of A Thermostable Cellulase From Bacillus Licheniformis Strain Vic Isolated From Geothermal Wells In The Kenyan Rift Valley
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32014Proximate Composition Of Rastrineobola Argentea (Dagaa) Of Lake Victoria-Kenya
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42014Antioxidative And Functional Properties Of Rastrineobol Aargentea (Dagaa) Fish Protein Hydrolysate
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52013Identification Of Specific Markers Linked To Regional Differentiation Of Warburgia Ugandensis
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62012Predicted HIV-1 Coreceptor Usage Among Kenya Patients Shows A High Tendency For Subtype D To Be Cxcr4 Tropic
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72012Genetic Variation Of Kenyan Populations Of Warburgia Ugandensis, An Important East African Highlands Medicinal Tree Species
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82009Muge, E., Burg, K., Kadu, C., Muchugi, A., Lemurt, S And Jamnadass, R 2009. Isolation Of High Quality DNA And RNA From Cambium Of The East African Greenheart (Warburgia Ugandensis). African Journal Of Biotechnology Vol. 8 (13), Pp. 3036-3040.
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92009Berenyi, M., Mauleon, R.P., Kopecky, D., Wandl, S., Friedl, R., Fluch, S., Boonruangrod, R., Muge, E. And K. Burg 2009. Isolation Of Plant Gene Space Related Sequence Elements By High C+G Patch (HCGP) Filtration; Model Study On Rice
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