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12013Antiphospholipid Antibodies In Patients With Venous Thrombosis At Kenyatta National Hospital
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22012Oreintation Package On Guidelines For Anti-Retroviral Testing In Kenya. Participants’ Workbook
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32008An Overview Of Reproductive Health And HIV
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42004Roy P, Aubert-Jacquin C, Avart C, Gontier C. Benefits Of A Thickened Infant Formula With Lactase Activity In The Management Of Benign Digestive Disorders In Newborns.Arch Pediatr. 2004 Dec;11(12):1546-54.
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51995Chiappini J, Arbib F, Heyraud JD, Flechaire A, Gontier C. Subacute Idiopathic Eosinophilic Pneumopathy With Favorable Outcome Without Corticotherapy. Rev Mal Respir. 1995;12(1):25-8.
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61995Zenone T, Marti-Flich J, Heyraud JD, Gontier C, Beaulaton A. Pulmonary Legionellosis Disclosing HIV Infection In A 75-year-old Man.Rev Med Interne. 1995;16(5):370-1.
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71994Devouassoux G, Heyraud JD, Gontier C. Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Respiratory Infections In Hospitalized Patients. Rev Mal Respir. 1994;11(5):473-7.
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81993Zenone T, Heyraud JD, Gontier C. Bronchiectasis Following Colectomy For Hemorrhagic Rectocolitis. Rev Med Interne. 1993 May;14(5):326-7.
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91993Morgeaux S, Tordo N, Gontier C, Perrin P. Beta-propiolactone Treatment Impairs The Biological Activity Of Residual DNA From BHK-21 Cells Infected With Rabies Virus. Vaccine. 1993;11(1):82-90.
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101993Lin HX, Gontier C, Saron MF, Perrin P. A New Immunostimulatory Complex (PICKCa) In Experimental Rabies: Antiviral And Adjuvant Effects.Arch Virol. 1993;131(3-4):307-19.
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111992Perrin P, Gontier C, Lecocq E, Bourhy H. A Modified Rapid Enzyme Immunoassay For The Detection Of Rabies And Rabies-related Viruses: RREID-lyssa.Biologicals. 1992 Mar;20(1):51-8.
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121991An Analysis Of Blood And Body Fluid Exposures Sustained By House Officers, Medical Students, And Nursing Personnel On Acute-care General Medical Wards: A Prospective Study. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 1991 Oct;12(10):583-90.
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131991Perrin P, Joffret ML, Zanetti C, Bourhy H, Gontier C, Fritzell C, Leclerc C, Sureau P. Rabies-specific Production Of Interleukin-2 By Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes From Human Rabies Vaccinees.Vaccine. 1991 Aug;9(8):549-58.
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141991Arbib F, Thevenet F, Gamondes JP, Heyraud JD, Gontier C, Loire R. Primary Tumor Of The Thoracic Wall Unusual In Aged Patients: Costal Osteosarcoma. Rev Pneumol Clin. 1991;47(5):220-4.
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151990Dastot H, Schmid M, Gontier C, Amiot M, Mathieu-Mahul D, Bensussan A, Boumsell L. Correlation Between T Cell Receptor Gamma Delta Isotypic Forms And Cytotoxic Activity: Analysis With Human T Cell Clones And Lines.Cell Immunol. 1990 Feb;125(2):315-25.
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161990Bories JC, Loiseau P, D'Auriol L, Gontier C, Bensussan A, Degos L, Sigaux F. Regulation Of Transcription Of The Human T Cell Antigen Receptor Delta Chain Gene. A T Lineage-specific Enhancer Element Is Located In The J Delta 3-C Delta Intron.J Exp Med. 199
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171990Zalcman G, Jancovici R, Paraf F, Vilain C, Gontier C. A Rare Tumor Of The Mediastinum: Benign Hemangioma.Rev Pneumol Clin. 1990;46(1):31-4.
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181990Aortic-pulmonary Chemodectoma (non-chromaffin Paraganglioma). Apropos Of A Case Which Followed An Adrenal Pheochromocytoma. Rev Mal Respir. 1990;7(3):283-6.
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191983Morales R, Bessonnat JF, Pucheu HJ, Boscagli G, Gontier C. Traumatic Pneumatoceles Of The Lung. Apropos Of A Case. Poumon Coeur. 1983;39(3):159-62
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