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Dr. Otsianyi Wyckliffe Kaisha Publications
12014Prevalence Of Abnormal Sternal Angles In A Kenyan Population.
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2201417. Anatomical Features Of The Sternum In A Kenyan Population. Anatomy
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3201418. Utility Of CT Scan And CA 19-9 In Predicting Non –Resectability In Malignant Obstructive Jaundice.
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42013 Palpable Discrete Breast Masses In Young Women: Two Of The Components Of The Modified Triple Test May Be Adequate. ( ).
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5201212. Sternal Foramina And Variant Xiphoid Morphology In A Kenyan Population.
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6201215. Georgina Magoma, Hassan Saidi, Wyckliffe Kaisha. Relation Of The External Laryngeal Nerve To Superior Thyroid Artery In An African Population .
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72012Origin Of Thyroid Arteries In A Kenyan Population.
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82011The Correlation Of Esophageal Body Length With Measure Of External Body Parameters.
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92011Topography Of The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve In Relation To The Thyroid Artery, Zuckerkandl Tubercle, And Berry Ligament In Kenyans.
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1020119. The Femoral Collodiaphyseal Angle Amongst Selected Kenyan Ethnic Groups. Kaisha W, Pulei A, Koech A. Journal Of Morphological Sciences.
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112010Locating The Arcuate Line Of Douglas: Is It Of Surgical Relevance?
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122010Sigmoid Volvulus In Pregnancy. The Annals Of African Surgery. January 2010
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132010Role Of Laparoscopy In Management Of Gastric Adenocarcinoma. Review.
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142010Sigmoid Volvulus In Pregnancy: Case Report.
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152009Variations In The Pattern Of Formation Of Human Rectus Sheath Among Kenyans. Braz. J. Morphol. Sci., 2009, Vol. 26, No. 2, P. 84-90.
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162009Regional Variations In The Microscopic Organisation Of The Human Rectus Sheath
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172009Structural Age Related Changes In The Crural Diaphragm Changes With Age. Congress Of International Federation Of Anatomists
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182008Kaisha WO, Khainga S. Causes And Pattern Of Unilateral Hand Injuries. East Afr Med J. 2008 Mar;85(3):123-8.
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192007Hand Injury: Association Of Handedness With Cause And Site Of Injury. The Annals Of African Surgery. 2007; 29-32
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202007Profile Of Unilateral Acute Hand Injuries At A Referral Hospital In Kenya.
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212007The Prevalence Of Malignancies Among 1st And 2nd Degree Relatives Of Breast Cancer Patients.
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222006Esophageal Stricture Due To A Common Household Water Purifying Agent.
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