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Prof. Malek Adel Kamel Abdel Publications
12011Position And Blood Supply Of The Carotid Body In A Kenyan Population
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22010Regional Differences In Aorta Of Goat (Capra Hircus) Folia Morphol 2010; 69: 253-257
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32000Abdel Malek AK, Shehata R, Hassan S, Abdel Aziz H. 2000. Toxicity Of Plasticizers On Osteogenesis Of Mice Skeleton. 10th Internat Conf Plastin. Saint Etinne, July 2-7, 2000. France.
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41995Abdel Malek AK, Saleh MN, Aly YA, Ahmed MG, Tohamy A. 1995. Brain Changes With Age On Computed Tomography. Age & Nutrition. 6(2):93-98. France.
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51995Abdel Malek AK. 1995. Underfed Developing Purkinje Cell. Age & Nutrition. 6(2):73-78. France.
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61992Hassan FZ, Saleh MN, Abdel Malek AK, Lenne Y, Elbadry M. 1992. Retinal Epithelium And Its Relations To The Photoreceptors. Conf Egypt Soc Basic Med Sc. Jan 2, 1992. Cairo.
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71992Lenne Y, Hassan FZ, Saleh MN, Abdel Malek AK, Elbadry M. 1992. Immunohistochemical Study Of Glial And Neuronal Markers In The Retina Of Albino Rat. Conf Egypt Anat Soc. Feb. 27, 1992. Cairo.
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81992Saleh MN, Abdel Malek AK, Galal At, Mahmoud FY. 1992. Effect Of Hypothyroidism On Postnatal Development Of Mouse Thalamus. 10th Ann Conf Fac Med Assiut Univ. April 1992.
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91991Elsharkawi S, Abdel Malek AK Et Al. 1991. Morphological Features Of Foot Impressions Of Upper Egyptians. Proc 9th Ann Conf Fac Med. Assiut Univ.
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101990Abdel Malek AK, Ahmed AM Et Al. 1990. Prediction Of Stature From Hand Measurements. Forensic Sc Internat. 64:181-187. Ireland.
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111990Tohamy SA, Abdel Malek AK, Hassan FZ, Abdel Baky A. 1990. Anthropometric Characteristics Of The Mentally Retarded Children. New Egypt J Med. 4(1):241-244.
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121989Kamel MM, Abdel Malek AK, Desouky MA. 1989. Intercorrelations Of The Anthropometric Measurements Of The Newborn Infants Of Upper Egypt. Egypt J Anatomy. 12(4):71-79.
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131987Abdel Malek AK. 1987. Skeletal Maturation Of Boys With Down Syndrome. 5th Ann Conf Fac Med Assiut Univ. Egpyt.
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141986Matta WM, Saleh MM, Shamikh R, Ali SS, Abdel Malek AK. 1986. The Influence Of Deprivation Of Light On The Brain. Intern Conf Anatom Society W Africa. Nigeria, Nov. 1986.
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151985Abdel Malek AK, Mukherjee D, Roche AF. 1985. A Method Of Constructing An Index Of Obesity. Hum. Biol. 57(3):415-430. USA.
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161985Roche AF, Abdel Malek AK, Mukherjee D. 1985. New Approaches To The Clinical Assessment Of Adipose Tissue. 6th Rose Conf Med Research. Ross Lab, Columbus, OH, USA. Pp:14-19.
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171766Mathias K, Abdel Halim S, Karin B, Helga G, Adel K Malek Et Al. 1999. MtDNA Analysis Of Nile River Valley Populations: A Genetic Corridor Or Barrier To Migration?. Am J Hum Genet. 64:1166-1766. U.S.A.
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