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Prof. Gatei David G Publications
19999J E Sanderson, E G Olsen, And D Gatei.Peripartum Heart Disease: An Endomyocardial Biopsy Study.
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22009Serological Evidence Of Hepatitis B Virus And Hepatitis Delta Virus Infection In 164 Patients With Histological Evidence Of Liver Damage
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31993Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Liver Cirrhosis In Kenya. East Afr Med J. 1993 Apr;70(4 Suppl):34-6.
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41992Tumours Of The Nose And Maxillary Sinus. Ten Year Survey From Kenya
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51987Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Endoscopic Findings In 709 Africans Patients Endoscoped At KEMRI – May 1987
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61986Aetiology Of Liver Cirrhosis In Kenya. East Afr Med J. 1986 Nov;63(11):724-30.
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71986Aetiology Of Liver Cirrhosis In Kenya
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81983Muigai R, Gatei DG, Shaunak S, Wozniak A, Bryceson AD. Jejunal Function And Pathology In Visceral Leishmaniasis. Lancet. 1983 Aug 27;2(8348):476-9.
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91982Rees PH, Gatei DG, De Cock KM, Tosswill J. Some Preliminary Observations On The Investigation Of Splenomegaly In Kenya. East Afr Med J. 1982 Oct;59(10):658-64. No Abstract Available.
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101981De Cock KM, Gatei DG, Shah MV. Aspiration Cytology In The Diagnosis Of Liver Cancer. East Afr Med J. 1981 Sep;58(9):636-40. No Abstract Available.
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111981Kaposi's Sarcoma In Kenya: A Retrospective Clinicopathological Study. Antibiot Chemother. 1981;29:38-58
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121979Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Experience At Kenyatta National Hospital. East Afr Med J. 1979 Dec;56(12):675-80. No Abstract Available. PMID: 544267 [PubMed - Indexed For MEDLINE]
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131979Recruitment And Training Of Pathologists In Kenya.
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141978Retrospective Study Of Cancer Of The Esophagus In Kenya
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151978Gatei DG, Odhiambo PA, Orinda DA, Muruka FJ, Wasunna A. Retrospective Study Of Carcinoma Of The Esophagus In Kenya. Cancer Res. 1978 Feb;38(2):303-7.
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161978Kaminsky RG, Gatei DG, Zimmermann RR. Human Coenurosis From Kenya. East Afr Med J. 1978 Aug;55(8):355-9.
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171977Okech MO, Orinda DA, Gatei DG, Wasunna AO. Plasma Oestradiol-17B And Oestrogen Receptors In Mammary Tumours Among Africans. East Afr Med J. 1977 Nov;54(11):615-20.
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181977Jeshrani MK, Gatei DG, Onyango JN. A Case Of Multifocal Eosinophilic Granuloma. East Afr Med J. 1977 Aug;54(8):455-9.
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191977Orinda DA, Okech M, Gatei DG. Beta-glucuronidase In Human Mammary Carcinomas. East Afr Med J. 1977 Jun;54(6):314-8.
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201976Is Bronchial Carcinoma Increasing In Kenya?
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211975Jeshrani MK, Gatei DG. Unusual Presentation Of Hepatoma. East Afr Med J. 1975 Nov;52(11):605-10. No Abstract Available.
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221972Hillman DA, Roy AD, Gatei DG. A Virilizing Tumour Derived From Cells Of The Foetal Cortex In A Year-old African Child. East Afr Med J. 1972 May;49(5):387-93. ]
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