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Dr. Mwangi Joseph Cege Publications
12006Ndetei DM, Othieno CJ, Mutiso V, Ongecha FA, Kokonya DA, Omar A, Gakinya B, Mwangi J. Psychometric Properties Of An African Symptoms Check List Scale: The Ndetei-Othieno-Kathuku Scale. East Afr Med J. 2006 May;83(5):280-7.
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22005Ndetei DM, Rono RC, Mwangi SW, Ototo B, Alaro J, Esakwa M, Mwangi J, Kamau A, Othieno CJ, Mutiso V.Psychological Effects Of The Nairobi US Embassy Bomb Blast On Pregnant Women And Their Children.
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32005Khamadi SA, Ochieng W, Lihana RW, Kinyua J, Muriuki J, Mwangi J, Lwembe R, Kiptoo M, Osman S, Lagat N, Pelle R, Muigai A, Carter JY, Oishi I, Ichimura H, Mwaniki DL, Okoth FA, Mpoke S, Songok EM. HIV Type 1 Subtypes In Circulation In Northern Kenya.
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42005Omar SA, Mens PF, Schoone GJ, Yusuf A, Mwangi J, Kaniaru S, Omer GA, Schallig HD. Plasmodium Falciparum: Evaluation Of A Quantitative Nucleic Acid Sequence-based Amplification Assay To Predict The Outcome Of Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine Treatment Of Uncompli
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52005Clark KA, Kataaha P, Mwangi J, Nyamongo J. Predonation Testing Of Potential Blood Donors In Resource-restricted Settings.
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62005Stivanello E, Cavailler P, Cassano F, Omar SA, Kariuki D, Mwangi J, Piola P, Guthmann JP. Efficacy Of Chloroquine, Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine And Amodiaquine For Treatment Of Uncomplicated Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria In Kajo Keji County, Sudan.
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72005Mbaisi A, Liyala P, Eyase F, Achilla R, Akala H, Wangui J, Mwangi J, Osuna F, Alam U, Smoak BL, Davis JM, Kyle DE, Coldren RL, Mason C, Waters NC. Drug Susceptibility And Genetic Evaluation Of Plasmodium Falciparum Isolates Obtained In Four Distinct Geogr
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82004Catley A, Okoth S, Osman J, Fison T, Njiru Z, Mwangi J, Jones BA, Leyland TJ. Participatory Diagnosis Of A Chronic Wasting Disease In Cattle In Southern Sudan.
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91999Mwangi J. Blood Group Distribution In An Urban Population Of Patient Targeted Blood Donors. East Afr Med J. 1999 Nov;76(11):615-8.
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101993Mwangi J, Gatei DG.Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Liver Cirrhosis In Kenya. East Afr Med J. 1993 Apr;70(4 Suppl):34-6.
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111989Wellde BT, Chumo DA, Reardon MJ, Mwangi J, Asenti A, Mbwabi D, Abinya A, Wanyama L, Smith DH.Presenting Features Of Rhodesian Sleeping Sickness Patients In The Lambwe Valley, Kenya. Ann Trop Med Parasitol. 1989 Aug;83 Suppl 1:73-89.
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121989Reardon MJ, Wellde BT, Muriithi RM, Chumo DA, Towett S, Mwangi J.Effectiveness Of WR 163577 Against Animal Trypanosomes In Goats And Mice. Ann Trop Med Parasitol. 1989 Aug;83 Suppl 1:171-5.
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