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1965 Publications
11965Population Explosion: A Misnomer Or Not Dialogue No. 1
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21965Experience With Development Planning In Kenya Chapter 6 In M Urrutia And S. Yukawa Planning In Mixed Economies Tokyo: United Nations University And Oxford Press Forthcoming
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31965Foy H, Kondi A, Mbaya V.Hematologic And Biochemical Indices In The East African Baboon.Blood. 1965 Nov;26(5):682-6
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41965MALOIY G.M.O.(1965) African Game Animals As A Source Of Protein. Nutrition Abstracts And Reviews 35, 903-908.
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51965MALOIY G.M.O.(1965) International Symposium On Comparative Biology Of Reproduction In Mammals. East African Wildlife Journal 3, 134.
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61965MALOIY G.M.O. And HEADY, H.F.(1965) Grazing Conditions In Kenya Masailand. Journal Of Range Management 18, 269-272.
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71965"The Fruits Of Uhuru", In African Today.
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81965Effect Of Adrenalectomy On Serum And Tissue Amylase
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91965Grazing Conditions In Kenya Masailand.
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101965The Green Fruits Of Uhuru
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111965International Symposium On Comparative Biology Of Reproduction In Mammals
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121965Comparison Of The {Effects} Of {Unilateral} And {Bilateral} {Eye} {Closure} On {Cortical} {Unit} {Responses} In {Kittens}
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131965Comparison Of The {Effects} Of {Unilateral} And {Bilateral} {Eye} {Closure} On {Cortical} {Unit} {Responses} In {Kittens}
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141965Effect Of Visual Deprivation On The Optic Centers Of Growing And Adult Mice
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