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2017 Academic Year

School of Pharmacy

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Survey Of The Type, Cost And Source Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients And Excipients Used By Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturers King’ori Eric Githaiga 2017 View Details
Global Review Of The Challenge Posed By Antimicrobial Resistance And The Search For Solutions Marlin Ndegwa Idewa 2017 View Details
Antibacterial Properties Of Citrus Sinensis And Citrus Limon Peels In Kenya Devesh Kirit Patel 2017 View Details
Knowledge On Hormonal Contraception Methods Among Undergraduate Final Year Health Science Students Of The University Of Nairobi Mukenya Mulama Shellemiah 2017 View Details
A Comparative Study On Phytochemical Properties And In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity Of Solanum Nigram Scabrum Of The Mount Kenya Region, Kenya. Thumbi Manlex Ndung’u 2017 View Details
A Survey On Radiopharmaceuticals Used In Kenyatta National Hospital From January 2014 To December 2016 Waiganjo David Muigai 2017 View Details
Policy And Legal Framework Governing Parallel Importation Of Pharmaceutical Products In Kenya Ndung'u Grace Njeri 2017 View Details
Quality Assessment Of Different Brands Of Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion, Nasal Drops And Tablets From Selected Community Pharmacies Within Nairobi County, Kenya. Cynthia Nyawira Muthoni 2017 View Details
Phytochemical Screening And Anti-ulcer Activity Of Cucumis Metuliferus Fruit Gicheru Winfred Njoki 2017 View Details
Determination Of The Effectiveness Of Hand Sanitizers In Nairobi, Kenya Using Microbiological Assessment Adera Anne Mercy 2017 View Details
Cost Of Treatment Of Cancer Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Michelle Atieno Omondi 2017 View Details
Challenges Facing Hiv Positive Youths At Kenyatta National Hospital Irungu Laura Njeri 2017 View Details
A Survey Of Cosmetic Products Used For Skin Lightening And Human Hair Straightening In Nairobi County Obobe, Duke Brian 2017 View Details
Mwasi Mary Anne Mukokinya U29/2204/2012 Antibiotic Use Patterns At Community Pharmacies In Nairobi. Mwasi Mary Anne Mukokinya 2017 View Details
Health Seeking Behaviour Among College Students At The University Of Nairobi College Of Health Science Agnes Wanjiku Ngugi 2017 View Details
A Literature Review And Microscopy On Ipomoea Batatas, Solanum Incanum And Passiflora Edulis. Judith Chepngenoh 2017 View Details
Lipid Based Formulation Of Artemether-lumefantrine Kibet Peter Kangogo 2017 View Details
Determination Of Microbiological Quality Of Bottled Water In Nairobi County, Kenya Nkaduda John Baboya 2017 View Details
A Study Of The Effect Of Prescribing Painkillers With An Antibiotic Or Antimalarial Drug On Patient Adherence To Medication In The Outpatient Clinic At Kenyatta National Hospital Kirati James Kuria 2017 View Details
Clinical Characteristics And Chemotherapeutic Management Of Prostate Cancer Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Mumo Denis Kimanthi 2017 View Details
The Use Of Complementary Medicines By Patients In The Comprehensive Care Centre In Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya Mbatia Dennis Mwangi 2017 View Details
A Retrospective Study Of The Prescribing Pattern Of Oral Hypoglycemic Agents In The Management Of Diabetes Mellitus In Kenyatta National Hospital Irungu Denis Gicheha 2017 View Details
Health Risk Perception Associated With Chronic And Acute Inhalation And Handling Of Charcoal Dust By Charcoal Traders. Amondi Phelicia Lucrecia. 2017 View Details
Implications Of The Anti-doping Act On Healthcare Practice In Kenya B Rota Gershon Orocha 2017 View Details
Formulation Of Metronidazole Gel For Oral Application Using Different Concentrations Of Carbopol 940 Njoroge Ruth Wambui 2017 View Details
Quality Of Brands Of Dextrose Infusions Marketed In Selected Pharmacies In Nairobi County Owuor Chris Okello 2017 View Details
A Retrospective Study Of Pharmaceutical Physical Quality Defects Reported At Kenyatta National Hospital From January 2015 To December 2016 Babra Anita 2017 View Details
Study Of The Use Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine By Cancer Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Ong’udi Maryanne Favour 2017 View Details
Health Risk Perceptions Associated With Occupational Exposure To The Sun And Lump Charcoal Heat By Roadside Maize Roasters And Food Vendors Using Charcoal Burners. Nyabuto Brian Babu 2017 View Details
The Scientific Basis Of Medicinal Plants Used For Cardiovascular Diseases And Diabetes Mellitus In Kenya: A Literature Survey Itotia, Elizabeth Wangari 2017 View Details
Evalution Of Medicines Use In Management Of Cervical Cancer Patients In Kenyatta National Hospital Muritu Elizabeth Waithera 2017 View Details
Comparative Quality Evaluation Of Selected Metronidazole Tablets In The Kenyan Market Augustine Kanyi M 2017 View Details
Sensitivity Of Bed Bugs To Insecticide And Insecticide Combinations Bill Clinton Ouma 2017 View Details
Screening Of Pharmacological And Phytochemical Characteristics Of Hard Mushroom Growing In Kenyatta National Hospital Manyala Fredrick Owiti 2017 View Details
Assessment Of Prescribing Errors In Pediatric Patients At Mbagathi District Hospital Ochieng’ Marvin Osano 2017 View Details
Optimization Of The Use Of Sodium Starch Glycolate And Croscarmellose Super Disintegrants In The Formulation Of Paediatric Dispersible Tablents Kamau Vyonne Nyambura 2017 View Details
A Study Of Sodium Benzoate And Benzene Levels In Selected Fruit Juices And Fruit Drinks Within Nairobi County Abunga Douglas Omai 2017 View Details
Phytochemical Screening And Investigation Of Blood Glucose Lowering Activity Of Allium Sativum Extract Ephantus Maina Kanumbi 2017 View Details
Phytochemical Screening And Pharmacological Activity Of Hydnora Abyssinica Schweinf On The Rat's Uterine Smooth Muscles And Rabbit Ileum Monyi Angelica Mwelu 2017 View Details
Evaluation Of The Pharmacological Activity And Phytochemical Profile Of Mangifera Indica Genga S. Gerald 2017 View Details
A Study Of Anti-diadetic Activity Of A Polyherbal Product Jalick Lang’at Aggrey Kibiwott 2017 View Details

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