Message From The Principal

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Prof. M'imunya Machoki James

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) is the largest, by some  distance, among similar institutions in the country and indeed, the region. The college comprises 5 primary teaching (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing and Public Health), 3 predominantly research (UNITID, KAVI, CHIVPRI) and 2 service/training (EAKI & ACCAF) units. The training programs at CHS range from certificate courses to doctorate degrees with about 4,000 and 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students respectively. To accomplish the teaching tasks the University has deployed 332 teaching staff to the college. The college, through the teaching and particularly the research units, undertakes some of the most revolutionary research activities including vaccine development, stem cell biology and a wide range of activities in traditional medicines and dental appliances. The research activities are supported by 287 dedicated staff.  As the largest trainer of health science graduate students in the region, the CHS remains committed to realising not only the service needs of Kenya and replenishment of its own faculty but also helping develop staff for other countries and institutions in the region. During my brief watch, I shall endeavour to keep the course of this large and vastly important college by; 1. Enhancing integrated approaches to delivery of programs across the units for increased efficiency, 2. Promoting rapid uptake of new innovative programs (fellowships) and 3. Helping the college to remain the most desired academic and research destination in the region. 

May I now invite you to navigate the college websites for more details such as the meaning of; UNITID, KAVI, CHIVPRI, EAKI, ACCAF. Please do not limit yourself to decoding the abbreviations, make sure you visit the teaching unit sites as well as the general pages.  Do not forget the CHS electronic repository, the richest home of human research output in the region.