UoN/KNH Zoom Meetings on COVID 19 disease, 20th to 24th April, 2020

April 20, 10:03 am

Online meeting.

Invitation to join KNH/UoN Zoom Meetings on COVID 19 disease

  1. Monday 20th April 2-3.30pm - Ethical & Medical legal issues in managing COVID 19 
  2. Tuesday 21st April 2-3.30pm  - Drug treatments used to manage Covid-19 patients in Kenya
  3. Wednesday 22nd April 2020. 2-3.30pm - COVID-19 disease response: What can we learn from the HIV program?
  4. Thursday 23rd  April 2020 2-3.30pm - Guidelines for Dental Practice & Maxillofacial Surgery during COVID-19 pandemic
  5. Friday 24th April 10am-12pm – Experiences managing COVID-19 disease
  6. Friday 24th April 2020. 2-3.30pm - Testing for COVID-19: What does a negative result mean?


Meeting ID: 637397357


Online meeting.