The School of Nursing Sciences

The School of Nursing Sciences is one of the Schools of the College of Health Sciences. It was initially a department in the faculty of Medicine for close to 38 years under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Margaret Muiva and the late Dr. Joyce Musandu.  The Department offered Diploma in Advance nursing before being fully established as a School in January 2006 to offer training of nurses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

After its establishment as a School in 2006, Dr. Joyce Musandu became the first Director upto 2009 when she passed on.  Mrs Theresa Odero was appointed as acting Director for one year and in June 2010, Prof. Grace Omoni  was appointed the Director of the School in 2010. Her term ended in 2016 following the appointment of Wagoro Miriam Carole who took over as the acting Director of the School.

The administrative unit of the School of Nursing Sciences is the Directors’ office headed by Director Dr. Grace M.Omoni.  Functionally, the School has four Thematic Areas namely: Medical/ Surgical Nursing, Obstetrics /Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Nursing Education & Administration.


A centre of excellence in nursing education, research, community service and consultancy with scholars and professionals


To train nurse professionals, carry out research in current and emerging health issues, provide community service and consultancy.

Our Core Values

• Promote and defend freedom of thought and expression in academic inquiry and activities.
• Nurture responsible professionalism through a culture of mentorship, and role modeling.
• Promote innovative research that address current and evolving health challenges
• Provide leadership in setting the national and international health agenda.
• Initiate and sustain relevant, creative, innovative and inventive research for the benefit of mankind.
• Promote a work environment characterized by team spirit and teamwork.
• Good corporate governance, sensitivity to needs of the society and respect for human rights shall be the hallmark of the College.
• Promote sensitivity and responsiveness to social needs.



), Dr. Miriam Wagoro- Director, School of Nursing, University of NairobiI am delighted to welcome you to the prestigious School of Nursing Sciences of the University of Nairobi on behalf of faculty and staff. To the students who come from outside the capital city and Kenya, I wish to welcome you to Nairobi.The School of Nursing Sciences is one of the Schools of the College of Health Sciences and the oldest public school with regards to training of BScNs in Kenya. The school was initially a department in the faculty of Medicine for close to 38 years before being fully established to its current school status in January 2006.Over the years, the programs of the school have expanded to include BScN upgrading courses, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

As a school we are proud of our national and international reputation in producing high caliber clinical nurse practitioners, educators, managers and researchers who are highly respected and hold high status in the Society.The School is located within Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) campus and comprises four Thematic Units. These are Administration and Education, Community Health Nursing, Medical –Surgical Nursing and Midwifery and Obstetrics nursing. We commit ourselves to promoting our school and the bigger university values of academic excellence.

We believe that passion for nursing changes lives and therefore encourage our students to reflect on the care they provide. In the words of Virginia Henderson, a renowned Nurse theorist on whose principle’s nursing in Kenya is based, we emphasize that our graduates provide care that reflects the unique function of the nurse and care that, they themselves would like to receive as consumers of the nursing services.

At the end of your studies we encourage you to join our alumni and maintain the network through which we share our great experiences and growth in all aspects of our lives. Best of luck with your studies. I am hopeful that your time at our school will be great.


Dr. Miriam C.A. Wagoro

Director School of Nursing Sciences


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