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2012 Academic Year

School of Dental Sciences

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Patients' Knowledge And Satisfaction With Aesthetic Dental Procedures And Restorations Done At The Conservation Clinic Of Uon Dental Hospital Murungi Daniel Mwiti 2012 View Details
Knowledge, Attitudes And Perceptions Of Medical, Pharmacy And Nursing Students At The University Of Nairobi Towards The Dental Profession.. Gikonyo Maryanne 2012 View Details
A Two Year Audit Of Soft Tissue Maxillofacial Injuries Among Patients Attended To At The Unfversity Of Nairobi Dental Hospital In 2010 And 2011 Nurein Ahmed Mohamed 2012 View Details
Pattern Of Impaction Of Third Molars Among Patients Who Visited The University Of Nairobi's Oral Diagnostic Clinic From 2010-2012 Nuru Muhamed Twahir 2012 View Details
Mugo Michael Gachora Mugo Michael Gichora 2012 View Details
Knowledge, Attitude And Practices Of Tongue Cleaning Among Patients Attending The University Of Nairobi Dental Hospital Ngumo Nyawilla Gladwell 2012 View Details
Patterns Of Reactive Connective Hyperplasia In The Oral Cavity Among Patients Attending University Of Nairobi Dental Hospital Between Ngurungu Wilson Njuki 2012 View Details
Pattern Of Occurrence Of Odontogenic Cysts Among Patients Seen At The University Of Nairobi Dental Hospital Over A Period Of Five Years(2006 -2010). Munyao Ambrose Muasya 2012 View Details

School of Medicine

Department of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Prevalence Of Peripheral Arterial Disease Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients At Knh Beryl Ganda 2012 View Details
Quality Of Glycemic Control Among Insulin Treated Ambulatory Patients With Diabetes Mellitus At Knh Salim Rashid Masoud 2012 View Details
Association Between Serum Procalcitonin And 28-day Outcomes In Patients With Presumed Bacterial Sepsis At Knh Miriam Mwanginga 2012 View Details
Platelet Counts In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis At Knh Beth Muthoni Mbuthia 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Echocardiographically Determined Myocardial Dysfunction Amongst Hiv Positive, Haart Naive Patients At The Comprehensive Care Clinic, Knh Mohammed Noorani 2012 View Details
Vitamin B12 Dificiency In Type Two Diabetic Patients Using Metformin At Knh Ellen Wanjiku Njagi 2012 View Details
An Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices On Measures To Retard Disease Progression Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients At Knh John Mutiso 2012 View Details
Assessment Of Alternative Therapeutic Modalities Used By Patients With Epilepsy Attending Neurology Clinic At Knh John Mugaya Andrew 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors In Urban Garissa Residents Hassan Adan Ahmed 2012 View Details
A Cross Sectional Survey On The Seroprevalence Of Hhv8 In The Haart NaÏve Hiv Patients At Knh Comprehensive Care Clinic Einstein Tsuma 2012 View Details
Graft Chronic Kidney Disease And Its Complications Among Renal Allograft Recipients At Knh Nicola Adhiambo Okech 2012 View Details
Modification Of Antiretroviral Therapy In Hiv-infected Patients At Knh, Comprehensive Care Clinic Between Years 2005-2011 Andrew O. Owuor 2012 View Details
Anaemia In Patients With Rheumatoid Athritis At The Knh Muia George 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Hypertension Among High School Students Attending Public Schools In Nairobi Cosmas K. Kimama 2012 View Details
Renal Function Of Living Kidney Donors At Knh: A Cross-sectional Descriptive Study Ochwila Bwire Austine 2012 View Details
Adequacy Of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Among Ambulatory Patients At Knh, Nairobi Ann Wangui Kibiru 2012 View Details
Effect Of Aspirin On Platelet Aggregation Among Patients With Ischemic Stroke And Healthy Volunteers At The Robert Simiyu Wekesa 2012 View Details
Cardiovascular Risk Factors In Renal Transplant Recipients Attending Nephrology Clinics In Nairobi, Kenya James Allan Angawa Wagude 2012 View Details
Hematological Parameters Among Kidney Transplant Recipients On Follow Up At Knh Renal Unit Peter Kihoi Njuguna 2012 View Details
Interleukin 18 As An Early Biomarker Of Acute Kidney Injury In Critically Ill Patients Brenda Kiiru 2012 View Details
Prevalence, Socio-demographic And Clinical Pattern Of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure At Muranga District Hospital. Hazel Nyambura Mburu 2012 View Details
Health Related Quality Of Life Of Breast Cancer Patients At Knh Sybil Khisa Nakirare 2012 View Details

Department of Human Pathology

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Retrospective Study On The Degree Of Inter Observer Variation On Pap Smear Reporting At Knh Cytology Laboratory Jackrodgers N. Mwaniki 2012 View Details

Department of Medical Physiology

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Short And Long Term Effect Of Binge Dose Of Khat (catha Edulis) In Mice Kalson Jama 2012 View Details
The Cervicovaginal Microflora And Cytokine Levels During The Menstrual Cycle In Relation To Genital Viral Shedding Of Hiv-1 Kiama Teresa Numgari 2012 View Details
Effect Of Withania Somnifera Methanolic Extract On Ecg Changes In Organophosphate Poisoned Rats Irungu Eric Mwnagi 2012 View Details
Effects If Clerodendrum Myricoides Extract On A Diet And Alloxan Induced Diabetes Model Njenga Peris W 2012 View Details
Effect Of Escalating Khat (catha Edulis) Dose Regimen On Congnitive Function In Mice Nduati Paul K 2012 View Details
Ecg Changes Associated With Acute Adn Chronic Glue Inhalation Shwetha Vijayan 2012 View Details
Effect If Freeze Dried Extract Of Urtica Massaica Mildr On Cardiovascular Function Munguti Cecilia Muvenyi 2012 View Details

Department of Psychiatry

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Efficacy Of A Multi-modal Psychosocial Intervention On Mental Health In Institutionalized Children And Adolescents In Kenya Victoria Nthunya Mutiso 2012 View Details
The Effects Of Psychoeducation On Attitudes Towards Eunice Jemalel Nyavanga 2012 View Details
The Efficacy Of Family Cognitive Behavioural Therapy At A Youth Psychiatric Clinic In Kenya Lincoln Imbuga Khasakhala 2012 View Details
The Efficacy Of Psychoeducation On Stress And Healthy Behaviour Amongst Bachelor Of Education Students In University Of Nairobi And Kenyatta University In Kenya. John G. Nganga 2012 View Details
The Impact Of Common Mental Disorders On Academic Performance And Effectiveness Of Psycho-educational Intervention Among Pupils In Public Schools In Kenya Anne Wanjiru Mbwayo 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Psychiatric Disorders Among The Adolescents Offenders Committed To Borstal Institutions In Kenya Linet Okwara 2012 View Details
The Prevalence Of Anxiety And Depression In Hiv Positive Mother In Edctp Project Dorcas J. Murei 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Trauma Counsellors Attending To Survivors Of Sexual Violence In Healthcare Facilities In Kenya Samson Mutinda 2012 View Details
The Prevalence Of Anxiety And Depression Among Caregivers Of Hiv-positive Children Alexander Wainaina 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Depression Among Acardiac Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Edga Munga 2012 View Details

Department of Surgery

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Risk Factors For Early Complications Of Tracheostomies At Kenyatta National Hospital Dr.cyrus Gakuo Karuga, (ent-hn) 2012 View Details
A Survey Of The Practice In Management Of Severe Sepsis And Septic Shock By Anaesthesia Practitioners At The Knh Critical Care Unit. Dr Mwai David Chomba 2012 View Details
A Study On Incidence, Risk Factors And Outcomes Of Patients With Acute Kidney Injury At The Knh Icu Using Rifle Classification Dr Kariba Carolyne 2012 View Details
Factors Affecting Scheduling Of Elective Operations At The Knh Main Theatre Dr Njoki Carolyne Muiru 2012 View Details
Blood Requests, Cross-match And Transfusion Practices For Elective Surgery In Knh. Dr Gatheru Anthony Peter 2012 View Details
A Survey Of Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Regarding Cpr Of Pregnant Women Among Anesthesia And Obstetric Registars At Knh. Dr. Koka Patience Kavungi 2012 View Details
Cancellation Of Elective Surgery For Inpatient Surgery At Knh. Dr Okonu Nancy Nyaboke 2012 View Details
Unplanned Postoperative Admissions To The Critical Care Unit At Knh Dr Githinji Julius Mungai 2012 View Details
The Prevalence Of Helicobacter Pylori In Tonsilla Tissue Of Patients Undergoig Tonsilectomy At Kenyatta National Hospital Ochung’o Peter 2012 View Details
The Nutritional Status Of Patients With Nasopharygeal Carcinoma At Kenyatta National Hospital Catheline Wanjiru Irungu 2012 View Details
Correlating The Severity Of Conductive Hearing With The Size And Site Of Pas Tensa Tympanic Perforation Using Video-otoscopy Meera Patel-chudasama 2012 View Details
Prevalence Of Hearing Loss In Patients With Chronic Renal Failure And Effects Of Haemodialysis On Hearing In Kenyatta National Hospital Rachel Gachambi Mwangi 2012 View Details
Intereukin 6 Levels In Adenotonsillar Hyperplasia And Chronic Recurrent Tonsillitis Ellaine Agono Yuko 2012 View Details
Accident Time And Socio Demographic Impact On Severity Of Injuries Among Patients Involved In Motorcycle Accidents At Kenyatta National Hospital Mohamed Jivanjee 2012 View Details
Evaluation Of P-possium And O-possium In Prediction Of 30 Day Mortality Rate In Patients Undergoing Resection For Oesphageal Cancer Eric Mutiso 2012 View Details

School of Nursing

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Nursing Intervention Model For The Care Of Psychoactive Substances Depended Patients In Nairobi Mutunga Catherine Syombua 2012 View Details
Adherence Of Health Care Practitioners To The Adolescent Reproductive Health And Development Policy At The Garissa Provincial General Hospital, Kenya Musee Christine Mwikali 2012 View Details
Breast Self Examination Practice For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Among Women Of Reproductive Age Seeking Family Planning Services At Mbagathi District Hospital Ndura Elizabeth Wambui 2012 View Details
Patients Perception Regarding Nursing Care In The General Surgical Wards At Kenyatta National Hospital Shawa Elwin 2012 View Details
Factors Associated With Falls Among In Patient In Medical And Surgical Wards At Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya Ngalonde Mercy 2012 View Details
Practices Of Nurses In Management Of Pain Among Critically Ill Non-verbal Adult Patients In The Critical Care Unit, Kenyatta National Hospital Kamotho W. Hellen 2012 View Details
Factors Influencing Injection Safety Among Clinical Health Care Personnel In Garissa Provincial General Hospital Mweu Judith Mutindi 2012 View Details
Factors Determining Ante Natal Health Seeking Behaviour Of Adolescent Mothers At The Ante Natal Clinic In Naivasha Ilyn Wiysanyuy 2012 View Details
Feasibility Of Task Shifting In Nursing Practice: A Case Study Of Two Level Five Public Hospitals In Kenya Impwii Koome Domisiano 2012 View Details
Barriers To Access Of Quality Renal Replacement Therapy In End-stage Renal Disease Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Kwalimwa John Alumasa 2012 View Details
Ethical Dilemmas Experienced By Nurses Working In Critical Care Units In Kenyatta National Hospital Mutinda Jostine N 2012 View Details
Postpartum Mothers’ Perception On Quality Of Intra-partum Care In Naivasha District Hospital Labour Ward Malachi Zillah Moraa 2012 View Details
Factors Influencing Use Of The Nursing Process In Naivasha District Hospital Mangare Nyatichi Linet 2012 View Details
Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude And Practice In The Management Of Acutely Ill Adult Patients, In The General Wards At Kenyatta National Hospital. Valerie Jepchirchir Suge 2012 View Details
Risk Factors Associated With Development Of Hypertension Among Armed Forces Personnel Attending Medical Outpatient Clinic At Armed Forces Memorial Hospital Nairobi, Kenya. Victor Kipkoech Mundan 2012 View Details
Factors Influencing Infection Control, Prevention And Injection Safety Practices Among Nurses At Kenyatta National Hospital Medical And Surgical Wards Elima Kulei 2012 View Details
A Retrospective Cohort Study On The Effectiveness Of Automated Peritoneal Dialysis In The Management Of Acute Renal Failure In Kenya Grace Wanjiku Ngaruiya 2012 View Details
Factors Associated With Development Of Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis: A Case Of Mbagathi District Hospital And Kenyatta National Hospital In Kenya Diana Chelagat Kipsoisoi 2012 View Details

School of Pharmacy

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Antimicrobial Activity Of Vitex Doniana Extract Eric Chomba Wanjohi 2012 View Details
Review Of The Guidelines On The Investigation Of Bioequivalence: Dennis Kasyoki Makau 2012 View Details
A Literature Review On The Traditional And Conventional Medicinal Uses Of Plants In The Solanaceae Family Eunice Achieng Fwaya 2012 View Details
Phytochemical And Pharmacological Screening Of Diplolophium Africanum Turcz. Leaves And Stem 2012 View Details
Antimicrobial Evaluation Of Steroidal Heterocyclic Carboxylic Acids And Their Derivatives Rhodamarion Mutundu Gatutha 2012 View Details
The Management Of Hiv Patients With Co-existing Cancer And/or Tuberculosis In Knh (2009-2010) Oluhano Jerusa 2012 View Details
Patterns Of Antibiotic Use In Orthopaedic Surgery At The Kenyatta National Hospital Josphat Miroyo Mugosa 2012 View Details
A Review Of Factors Affecting Pharmaceutical Equivalence Of Oral Solid Dosage Forms Mutuma Kenfrey 2012 View Details
Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Final Year Medical Students On The Concept Of Rational Drug Use Kimani Chege Francis 2012 View Details
Investigation Of The Antidiarrheal Properties Of Aloe Secundiflora Leaves Kimani Chege Francis 2012 View Details
Phytochemical Variation Of Solanum Nigrum Leaves On Exposure To Heat(boiling) And Light(drying) Mbaabu Glory Kinya 2012 View Details
Evaluation Of Patients’ Knowledge On The Risks Of Diabetic Complication At Kenyatta National Hospital Muchiri David Wamwangi 2012 View Details
The Knowledge And Attitudeof The Practice Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine Among University Of Nairobi Pharmacy Students. Osborn Otieno Olago 2012 View Details
Dissolution Profiles And Assays Of Formulations Containing Rifampicin , Isoniazid And Pyrazinamide. Wahome Ephantus Kariuki 2012 View Details
Traditional And Conventional Uses Of The Apocynaceae Family Khalif Ahmed Mohamud 2012 View Details

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Ten Year Retrospective Study On Therapeutic Management And Clinical Outcomes Of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Among Children At Kenyatta National Hospital,kenya Bob Nyaribari Agwata 2012 View Details
Comparative Study Of Antimicrobial Use In Hiv Infected/exposed And Non Infected Children At Naivasha District Hospital,kenya Nguri Josephine Wambui 2012 View Details
Factors Influencing Adherence To Antiretoviral Therapy Among Hiv Infected And Hiv Exposed Children At Naivasha District Hospital Simon W.wangia 2012 View Details
Health Provider Barriers In The Implementation Of Prevention Of Mother –to –child Transmission Of Hiv Guidelines In Naivasha District Nellius Nyambura Njau 2012 View Details
Determinants Of Breast Cancer Treatment Outcomes At Kenyatta National Hospital David Etale Wata 2012 View Details

Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Safety Screening Of Herbal Products Mutura Kelvin Nganga 2012 View Details
Pharmacogenetics Of Kenyan Populations And Impact On The Metabolism Psychotropic Agents And Nevirapine Margaret Oluka 2012 View Details

School of Public Health

2012 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Uptake Of Private Health Insurance Among Registered Employers In Nairobi-kenya Francisca Mumbua Mwangangi 2012 View Details
Nutritional Status And Its Determinants Among Children Aged 1-59 Months Accompanying Their Mothers In Prisons In Kenya Omukhweso Sammy Osore 2012 View Details

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