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This is a list of  all graduate academic programs offered by the College Of Health Sciences.

School of nursing sciences

  • Masters degrees
    • Master of science in nursing
Institute of tropical & infectious diseases(unitid)
  • Masters degrees
    • Msc in tropical & infectious diseases
    • Msc. In medical statistics
  • Postgraduate diplomas
    • Postgraduate diploma in biomedical research methodology
    • Postgraduate diploma in tropical diseases
  • Phd
    • Ph.d infectious disease
School of medicine
  • Masters degrees
    • Master of medicine (general regulations)
    • Master of public health(mph)
    • Master of science(general regulations)
  •  Postgraduate diplomas
    • Pgd in clinical audiology and public health oto.
    • Pgd in sti
    • Postgraduate diploma in bio-medical research methodolog
    • Postgraduate diploma in psychiatric social work
    • Postgraduate diploma in psychoactive substance abuse
    • Postgraduate diploma in psychotrauma management
  • Phd
    • (medicine)
    • Doctor of medicine
    • Medicine
    • Ph.d.(medicine)
School of pharmacy
  • Masters degrees
  • M.pharm(pharmaceutical analysis)
  • M.pharm.(clinical pharmacy)
  • Phd
    • Ph.d.(pharmacy)
School of dental sciences
  • Masters degrees
    • Master of dental surgery (mds) in oral and maxiollofacial surgery
    • Master of dental surgery (mds) in paediatric dentistry
    • Master of dental surgery (mds) in periodontology
  • Phd
    • (dental surgery)
    • Ph.d. (dental surgery)